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Cornell sustainability center hiring researchers to explore new frontiers of climate change
12/11/08 Source: Chronicle Online

Cornell's master plan wins prestigious design award
12/5/08 Source: Chronicle Online

Cornell technology makes biogas greener
12/4/08 Source: Chronicle Online

Cornell Athletics Works to Limit Carbon Footprint
12/3/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Alumnus Makes His Case For A Focus on Global Warming
12/3/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Cornell Seeks Ideas in Move Towards Campus Carbon Neutrality
11/25/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

C.U. Campus Life Strives to Increase Sustainability
11/25/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Students, Alum Discuss Future Of Sustainability Under Obama
11/19/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Study Examines Effects of Global Warming on Oceans
11/18/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Student Leaders Brainstorm for Carbon Neutral Campus
11/17/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Pilot program builds corps of 'green retirees' to serve as environmental stewards
11/13/08 Source: Chronicle Online

LEED is the new building standard, say developers at Cornell conference
11/12/08 Source: Chronicle Online

Expert Looks to Africa’s Green Revolution
11/11/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Experts Question Green Initiatives-Law school discussion evaluates role of the law in sustainability
11/10/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Insights on Global Leadership
11/6/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Seeking green in “green” economy
11/6/08 Source: Building Design & Construction

Cornell Announces Its First Greenhouse Gas Inventory
10/23/08 Source: Building Design & Construction

Day Celebrates University Sustainability Efforts
10/23/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Johnson School Center Promotes Sustainable Entrepreneurship
10/22/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Campus Sustainability Day, Oct. 22, addresses Cornell's carbon footprint
10/21/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Cornell U. Creates Climate Action Plan
10/17/08 Source: Treehugger

Which grass is greener? Project identifies Northeast grasses that will fuel bioenergy era
10/2/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

The search for 'green' gold in the Amazon rain forest
10/1/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Prof Challenges Univ. To Limit Use of Bottles
10/1/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

C.U. Receives 'B+' Grade on Sustainability Report Card
10/1/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

KyotoNOW! Urges That University Consider Energy in Election
9/29/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Campus gains in safety, health and sustainability are saluted by CU administrators
9/26/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

As Gas Prices Rise, C.U. Works To Limit Consumption of Fuel
9/24/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Cornell Announces Its First Greenhouse Gas Inventory
9/19/2008 Source: Terra Daily

Univ. Climate Plan Sets Nat'l Precedent
9/16/08/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Campus going greener than expected, with new goal of reducing carbon emissions by one-third by 2010
9/16/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Univ. Climate Plan Sets Nat'l. Precedent , Cornell Daily Sun
9/16/08 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Students’ modest car with goal of 100 miles per gallon draws crowds at the New York State Fair (pdf)
8/29/2008 Source: Cornell Chronicle (pdf)

Sustainability a key word for CU at New York State Fair
8/24/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Clinton praises CU green energy initiative but declines skateboard trial
7/3/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Milk goes green: Cows fed biotech product reduce agriculture's environmental impact
7/2/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Cornell creates life-changing business opportunities with the world's poorest people
6/25/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Fuel cells: distant dream, but burning with promise
5/14/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

The Green Team...Green-collar workers are a fast-growing force in the brave new world of sustainability
5/7/2008 Source: The Ithaca Times

As the Big Red goes green, climate conference builds bridges across campus
5/7/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Slope Day '08 -- not too sunny but very sustainable
5/2/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Sustainability center names three new associate directors
5/2/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Profs Consider Reality Of Climate Commitment
4/29/2008 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Team Competes to Build Most Fuel-Efficient Car
4/25/2008 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Princeton Review to Include ‘Green Rating’ in Annual Guide
4/24/2008 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Nobel Laureate Chu emphasizes energy efficiency, innovation in Bethe lecture
4/23/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Cornell outlines efforts to be green
4/23/2008 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

'Planet doctor' warns that climate change will wipe out entire species
4/22/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Effective climate change strategies call for new rules in global politics and economics
4/21/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Nobel Winner Lays Out Plan for Environment
4/17/2008 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

How campus researchers helped to rescue a rain forest
4/17/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Cornell Brings in New Sustainability Prof
4/4/2008 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

An Invitation to Engage
4/2/2008 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Sustainability isn't just about climate change, and answers aren't all in technology, engineering conference concludes
4/1/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Cornell planning students survey a New Orleans neighborhood yet to rebuild
3/26/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Sewing the way to sustainability: Town-gown teamwork lights up Caroline
3/25/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Jeff Tester, Cornell's first Croll professor, will speak on campus March 28-29 on sustainable energy
3/25/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Skorton presents Cornell's sustainability center as university's commitment to Clinton Global Initiative
3/20/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Professor's biodegradable-composite company draws skateboard firm to Ithaca
3/19/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Cornell community flocks to see what's green at first anniversary event celebrating signing of Presidents Climate Commitment(pdf)
3/7/2008 Source: Pawprint

$6 million research lab will produce ethanol and other biofuels from grasses and biomass
3/6/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Are you a locavore? If so, you are either a 'local hero' or 'indulgent and hedonistic'
3/4/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Sustainability Must Start With the Obvious
2/28/2008 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun (opinion)

C.U. Joins Consortium to Obtain Sustainable Products
2/27/2008 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Tompkins Town Gives 'Green Light' to Sustainable Lightbulbs
2/26/2008 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Skorton proclaims campus will be energy-saving leader among universities
2/29/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Environmentally: Change is in Your Head
2/22/2008 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun (opinion)

Sustaining excitement: Green ASAP retreat scores big (pdf)
2/21/2008 Source: Pawprint

Cornell engineering conference in March to focus on sustainable energy
2/21/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

'Historic' sustainability event draws 50 campus groups together to brainstorm
2/13/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Mann! Local Food Hits the Spot
2/6/2008 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Dining Halls Evaluate Use of Trays
2/5/2008 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Activists Host Teach-Ins to Discuss Global Warming Threat
2/1/2008 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

C.U. to Compete in 2009 Solar Decathlon
1/31/2008 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Cornell Joins Solar Energy Consortium
1/17/2008 (online story available 12/26/07)Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Promoting local foods is paying off, CU research shows
1/22/2008 Source: Chronicle line On

Cornell partners with other schools to promote New York's solar energy industry
1/18/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

Schember named executive director of sustainability center
1/11/2008 Source: Chronicle Online

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