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Cornell places moratorium on consideration of natural gas drilling leases
12/23/09 Source: University Statements

Cornellians work to predict climate change
12/18/09 Source: Chronicle Online

Team considers how globalization will affect air quality
12/15/09 Source: Chronicle Online

Almost two dozen Cornellians will travel to Copenhagen for climate conference
12/4/09 Source: Chronicle Online

Outside Experts Praise Cornell’s Climate Plan
12/4/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Gas Turbine Generators To Raise Energy Output, Efficiency on Campus
11/25/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

C.U. Activists Claim Victory Over Russell Apparel maker changes its labor practices
11/19/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Faculty Highlight Effective Sustainability Initiatives on Campus
11/17/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Business Leaders Converge At C.U. for Net Impact 2009
11/16/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Student Leaders Brainstorm Sustainability Initiatives
11/11/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Dining Hall Trayless Programs’ Success Sparks Adoption in Other Facilities
10/28/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Arbor Day Foundation Recognizes C.U.’s Commitment to Sustainability
10/23/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

CEO of S.C. Johnson Urges ‘Green’ Business Practices
10/23/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Locals Find and Trade Goods at ‘Swap Meets’
10/23/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Cornell hosts second annual fuel cell vehicle event
10/21/09 Source: Ithaca Times

Students Call For Lights Out On Campus At Night
10/16/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Solar Decathlon Team Competes at Nationals
10/14/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Dilmun Hill: Cornell’s Student Run Organic Far
9/23/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Students Seek to ‘Go Green’ With ‘Big Red Bikes’
9/16/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Cornell's climate plan cuts carbon emissions to zero by 2050, saves millions of dollars
9/15/09 Source: Chronicle Online

Tree inventory for climate plan uncovers Cornell's biggest and oldest trees
9/10/09 Source: Chronicle Online

Speaker series on sustainability aimed at undergraduates
9/3/09 Source: Chronicle Online

New Horizons in Nanotech Could Jumpstart Solar Fuel Cell Technology
9/2/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

GPSA Tries for New Levels of Dialogue, Cooperation -Assembly voices support for Univ. Climate Action Plan
8/28/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Solar, chicken and youth power make Cornell a strong presence at New York State Fair
8/28/09 Source: Chronicle Online

Collaborative energy research is vital for state economy, Paterson says at Cornell
8/27/09 Source: Chronicle Online

Cornell's solar house team hoping third time the charm
8/19/09 Source: Ithaca Times

Cornell's solar house ready for test run at state fair
8/17/09 Source: Chronicle Online

Expect fewer and longer lawns and more green roofs in effort to cut campus costs
8/7/09 Source: Chronicle Online

Students work day and night to make 100 mpg car a reality
7/29/2009 Source: Chronicle Online

Cornell teams up with National Renewable Energy Lab to establish national center
6/9/2009 Source: Chronicle Online

CU recycles half its garbage into high-quality compost
5/29/09 Source: Chronicle Online

Sustainability grants to explore burning powdered wood, developing cheaper solar cells and more
5/26/09 Source: Chronicle Online

Groups Use Earth Day To Inform Passersby
4/23/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Cornellians Past and Present Act on Earth Day
4/22/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Green architect likens rights of nature to rights of man
4/22/09 Source: Chronicle Online

Congressman Massa calls Biofuels Research Laboratory 'national asset'
4/20/09 Source: Chronicle Online

Finding how carbon nanotubes work as catalysts could lead to cleaner fuels
4/16/09 Source: Chronicle Online

Sustainability Speaker Stresses Individual Responsibility
4/3/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

New biofuel lab focuses on turning bales into barrels
4/1/09 Source: Chronicle Online

Sage Chapel noon series focuses on sustainability with food and music
3/27/09 Source Chronicle Online

Cornell Sustainability Month features 30-plus events in April
3/27/09 Source: Chronicle Online

A sustainable business plan for ailing U.S. auto plants
3/16/09 Source: Chronicle Online

University Turns Waste Into Renewable Energy
3/12/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

New Cornell initiative transforms 'biotrash' into bioenergy to help fuel the university
3/5/09 Source: Chronicle Online

Powershift Brings Students to D.C. To Rally for Climate
3/5/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

For 10 years, foundation of anonymous alumna has been funding sustainability projects
3/4/09 Source: Chronicle Online

Top 10 Myths about Sustainability
3/09 Source: Scientific American

Maintaining a Commitment to Sustainability
2/19/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

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Cornell Lacks Plan to Ban Bottled Water
2/16/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

Saudi Arabian University Funds Cornell Energy Research
1/23/09 Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

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