Cornell Athletics Doing Their Part to Save Water

Our community is stepping up to save water by making big changes during the drought...


Cornell director of athletics, Andy Noel.
Cornell director of athletics, Andy Noel. When in use, sprinklers for the athletic fields are using non-potable water, contributing to Cornell’s water reduction during the drought.

Cornell Athletics has made some big changes in response to the severe drought being experienced by Cornell and the surrounding region during the summer and early Fall of 2016.  Specifically, Athletics has stepped up to do their part by rapidly changing over watering of fields to non-potable water, and deploying signage in athletic showers noting the importance of taking 3 minute showers to reduce water use by up to 35 gallons per person, per day.  

Thank you Athletics!  We are proud to see members of the community who can Think Big and Live Green to apply creative solutions to water sustainability. 

For more information on required and recommended water conservation, and to submit your ideas on how to save water, visit: 

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