Cornell University 2015 Annual Water Quality Report

The staff of the Cornell Water Filtration Plant maintain the system to ensure the highest water quality and the most reliable delivery...


Every year, the Cornell Water Filtration Plant provides the Cornell campus, Forest Home, and Cornell Heights with safe and reliable drinking water. In 2014, we produced 484 million gallons, which averages out to be 1.325 million gallons per day.

We remind you to read Cornell’s 2015 Annual Water Quality Report. This report is filled with a wide variety of information, from source to tap.

Many water related resources are available on the Sustainable Campus website that address water issues on campus, including the Take Back the Tap initiative, water conservation, storm water management, watershed protection, and the promotion of water at events on campus and throughout the community.

Many offices continue to switch to in-line water coolers!
Please don’t forget there are alternatives to the delivery of carboys (blue bottles) to offices and departments across campus. A more sustainable and less expensive option is the simple installation of an in-line system, where Cornell water feeds your water cooler and replaces the piles of bottles. Mister Koffee, a local business, has been selected as Cornell’s vendor of choice. Lose your blue! Call: 607-687-8013

Water Projects
A multi-phased project will initiate during the summer of 2016 on North Campus. A large percentage of the water mains on North Campus are 80+ year-old cast iron and have reached end of life. Over the course of the next four summers, sections of pipe will be replaced.

In 2014, all of the finished water pumps at the Water Filtration Plant were replaced, improving the efficiency of our operations.

How much oil is used to make, fill, and deliver a plastic water bottle to you?

The amount of oil used to get that bottle into your hand would fill the bottle approximately ¼ full! *
*source Pacific Institute

There are coolers available at no charge for Cornell University events. Please check out the student Take Back the Tap website for information about taking advantage of this program. Borrow a cooler!

The staff of the Cornell Water Filtration Plant is proud of the service we provide to our customers. We strive to operate and maintain our system to ensure the highest water quality and the most reliable delivery. As campus evolves, we add to or modify our system to accommodate. As water regulations change, we make sure all requirements are met.

Contact: Chris Bordlemay, Water Manager

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