Cut Back Your Energy Usage Over Winter Break December 24th 2016 – January 2nd 2017

Reduce and/or eliminate your campus energy and water usage while away over Winter Break and throughout the year...


Cornell University Winter Setback
December 24th 2016 – January 2nd 2017

As Cornell University continues working towards its ambitious Climate Action Plan to achieve a carbon neutral campus by 2035, we need every person on campus to support this effort by taking practical steps every day to reduce energy and water usage. The annual Cornell University Winter Setback initiative asks everyone on campus (faculty, staff, and students) to make sensible decisions to reduce and/or eliminate your campus energy and water usage while away over Winter Break (December 24th 2016 – January 2nd 2017).

Did you know? The Cornell campus decreased greenhouse gas emissions by 30% since 2008 and by nearly 50% since 1990 – and that’s during a period of significant growth!
We also saved over $168,000 in energy costs during last year’s Winter Setback!
Check the
Cornell Building Dashboard to see individual building energy use!

Before leaving campus for Winter Break, each individual is responsible for completing the following behaviors:

  •  Turn off ALL lights in your office and surrounding common areas
    (e.g. bathrooms, conference rooms, kitchens, break rooms, classrooms)
  • Shutdown and unplug office equipment
    (e.g. computers, monitors, printers, phone chargers, lamps, copiers, fax machines, coffee makers, microwaves, etc. Please shut off power strips too!)
  • Close ALL windows
  • Shut ALL interior and exterior doors
  • Do NOT use space heaters (check out CozyToes Foot Warmers)
  • Labs: Close laboratory fume hoods and shut down non-essential lab equipment

In addition, Cornell University asks all faculty, staff, and students to continue helping our campus community implement the following energy conservation measures within every building:

  • Report any water and air leaks, running toilets, dripping faucets, or other facilities issues to your building coordinator immediately or submit an online maintenance request here. These issues will be prioritized by Facilities Management for repair.
  • If there is a facilities emergency, please call Infrastructure, Properties, and Planning Customer Service at 607-255-5322.

For more information on our campus-wide sustainability efforts at Cornell University and how you can make a difference, please visit and

Thank you for your support and have a great winter break!

Kyu-Jung Whang, Vice President, Infrastructure, Properties, and Planning, Cornell University

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