Energy Smackdown Week 3

This week: Screens To Sleep & LED Lights!


EnergySmackdown is a 6 week competition to reduce or eliminate energy use across campus - and win prizes! Each week the competition asks participants to take two new actions to reduce energy. You can win the weekly prize by taking action and posting about it on the Sustainable Campus facebook page.

Week 3: Set Screens to Sleep Sooner!
We all want more sleep: your computer screen wants some too! This week we are asking you to change settings on your electronics to the shortest period of inactivity before entering sleep mode. With a few clicks you can make a major dent in your energy use and save big— up to $50 a year in electricty just by modifying sleep settings

Put your energy waste to bed with this weeks's actions:

  1. Ditch screen savers, set the shortest time on your electronics before sleep mode kicks in;
  2. Swap out incandescent light bulbs and install LEDs..

Cornell University is committed to carbon neutrality by 2035. We all have a role to play in reducing our energy use and changing behaviors. Together, staff, faculty, and students can co-create an enduring culture of sustainability on campus - for our people and our planet. 

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