Energy Smackdown Week 4

Don't Sweat it...Sweater it!


EnergySmackdown is a 6 week competition to reduce or eliminate energy use across campus - and win prizes! Each week the competition asks participants to take two new actions that reduce energy. You can win the weekly prize by taking action and posting about it on the Sustainable Campus facebook page.

Energy Smackdown Actions
Week 4: Don't Sweat It....Sweater it!

Now that the crisp fall weather is upon us, we all love curling up and being cozy and warm. You can stay cozy and keep the planet nice and snug by taking just a few simple actions to cut energy use but maintain comfort. Two suggestions this week are related to reducing energy use from heating. By turning down your heat and pulling on a sweater, you can save as much as 10% a year on the cost of your energy bill according to the EPA.

Warm up and keep consumption down with this week's challenges:
1.) Turn down thermostat to 64-68F and pull on sweater.
2.) Use Cozy Toes mat to heat you, not the air. Retire space heaters.

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