Energy Smackdown Week 5

Use less power - take a shorter shower!


EnergySmackdown is a 6 week competition to reduce or eliminate energy use across campus - and win prizes! Each week the competition asks participants to take two new actions that reduce energy. You can win the weekly prize by taking action and posting about it on the Sustainable Campus facebook page.

Energy Smackdown Actions

Week 5: Use Less Power By Taking A Shorter Shower!

We all love lathering up in the shower and keeping our clothes clean, but with a few easy steps we can cut energy use at the same time! In this week's challenges. Shortening shower saves 2.5 gallons a minute, according to the EPA.

With this week’s actions, you and your clothes can stay squeaky clean while living green:
1.) Shorten shower to 3-5 minutes
2.) Wash only full loads of laundry and use only cold water.

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