Invitation to Cornell's RecycleMania Steering Committee

We have big ideas for this year – and we need your input!


The Cornell University Campus Sustainability Office (CSO) and R5 Operations are seeking students, staff, and faculty for Cornell’s RecycleMania Steering Committee. This year, the competition falls between February 4th and March 31st.

We have big ideas for this year – and we need your input!

In this role you will:

  • Participate in Steering Committee email communications
  • Serve as liaison between the Steering Committee and your student org, residential community, office, lab, etc.
  • Create educational/promotional communications material to add to the weekly RecycleMania newsletter 
  • Attend 1-hr weekly meetings throughout January and into February (remotely or in person)

To find out how to join the committee email

Read on for information about RecycleMania and how we did last year! 

RecycleMania is a nationwide waste-reduction competition and benchmarking tool. About 320 Colleges and Universities reported recycling, trash, and composting stats weekly in 2017. The goal of the competition is to engage all students, staff, and faculty to reduce personal waste and improve our waste sorting across campus (landfill, recycling, compost).

Cornell’s participation relies on two organizational components:

1)      Waste logistics organized by R5 and the Campus Sustainability Office

2)      Engagement logistics organized by the Steering Committee (YOU), R5, and the Campus Sustainability Office

2017 Rankings:  Last year, our recycling rate as a percentage of overall waste generation (Grand Champion Category) was 43.60% -- ranked 65th -- there’s room for improvement! In comparison, Ithaca College’s was 42.46%, Harvard’s was 46.57%, Syracuse University’s was 47.11%, and the winner, Loyola Marymount University, recycled at a whopping rate of 83.90%! 

In an equally (if not more) important category (Waste Minimization), Cornell ranked 97th with 57.25 lbs of waste per person. In comparison, Ithaca College had 56.89 lbs, Harvard had 68.06 lbs (!!), and the winner, North Lake College in Texas, had 4.135 lbs of waste per person!

About the Campus Sustainability Office & Sustainable Campus

The Campus Sustainability Office works with all 30,000 Cornell students, faculty and staff to empower, equip, and engage the campus community in creating the solutions necessary for a healthy sustainable campus, community, and world.  More information on how we are creating one of the leading sustainable campuses and other initiatives visit

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