It's Bill Nye ('77) the Science Guy's 20th Anniversary!

Do you have a favorite Bill Nye show? Bill wants to know...


Bill Nye's '77, show (Bill Nye the Science Guy) has been on the air for 20 years! He's looking for input on your favorite episodes for some specials - check out the Tweet request and reply with yours! Click here to view Bill Nyes the Science Guy Episode Guide.

We'd like to know too! Post your favorite Bill Nye episode below this post or on our Facebook page or tweet us @SustainCornell.

We're partial to this video from Bill Nye, "Symphony of Science, Our Biggest Challenge"

The video uses musical creativity to shed light on the seriousness of climate change. Along with Bill Nye it features the expert minds of Bill Nye, Isaac Asimov, David Attenborough, and Richard Alley.

Nye croons, "We can change the world."

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