Join the Campus Sustainability Plan Steering Committee

Help set the vision for the future of Cornell campus sustainability...


Seats are open on the committee for undergraduate students and additional staff. If you are interested in joining the committee, email explaining your interest and any relevant experience. Deadline: February 10th, 2018.

Committee Charge

The Steering Committee will meet monthly during the FY17-18 academic year to coordinate the planning and engagement necessary to perform the 5-year update the Ithaca campus sustainability plan (for the time period 2018 – 2023) informed by a robust, wide audience of voices from across the Cornell Ithaca campus. 

The primary responsibility of SC members are as follows:

  • Ensure creative, innovative approach to the creation of the five year campus sustainability plan for Ithaca campus
  • Ensure a diversity of faculty, student, staff and administrator voices are engaged in creating the plan
  • Invite participation from critical representatives in topical focuses areas
  • Coordinate and help to gain consensus in topical focus areas


  • Sarah Brylinsky, Sustainability Communications & Integration Manager, Campus Sustainability Office (Chair)
  • Sarah Zemanick, Director, Campus Sustainability Office
  • Michael Hoffmann, CICS, PSCC Co-Chair
  • Joseph Burke, Student & Campus Life, (PSCC Exec Ctte)
  • Brian Chabot, Professor Emeritus, (PSCC Exec Ctte)
  • Josh Cerra, Faculty, (PSCC Exec Ctte)
  • Graham Kerslick, Atkinson Center, (PSCC Exec Ctte)
  • Vanessa Lillard, Assistant Director, NYS Opportunity Programs, Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives
  • Janani Hariharan, Graduate Student Representative
  • Amy Penick, Campus Sustainability Plan Fellow, ‘17

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