Dump & Run Sale: Moving Out? Don't Throw it Away, Give it Away

Collecting Donations May 13 - June 15...


This is a reminder from the Cornell Waste Council to let residents know what they can do with their “waste”. For all medical supplies that residents no longer need or medical supplies that is expired, residents can bring them to the Cornell Police Station, located at Barton Hall, where there is a dropbox for medical supplies. For other supplies, be sure to have your residents drop their supplies in any bin for the upcoming Dump & Run next semester!

What is Dump & Run?
It’s a campus-wide waste reduction and recycling program in which items are collected from students leaving in May, and resold in August to students moving in. Last fall, the Dump & Run sale raised more than $60,000 – all donated to local nonprofit agencies!

Collection Box Locations
• Undergraduate residence halls
• Graduate housing communities
• Co-ops
• Sororities & Fraternities
• Robert Purcell Community Center, Appel Commons
• Vet School
• Anabel Taylor Hall
• Day Hall
• Willard Straight Hall
• Humphreys Service Building

What we will collect:
Clothing, shoes, organizational units, working appliances and electronics, computers, laptops, furniture, sporting items, coat hangers, decorations, new toiletries, textbooks, non-perishable foods.

What we will NOT collect:
Mattresses, underwear, trash, anything broken, opened food packaging.

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