Staff Sustainability Champion: Brian Hurley

"We are all better off because of Brian's efforts..."


The Staff Sustainability Champions program spotlight recognizes staff across Cornell University who exemplify the Institution's commitment to sustainability and have shown leadership and initiative to catalyze change for a more sustainable campus and planet with their actions - big and small. Together, each of us are working to make Cornell a more environmentally friendly, socially just, and innovative campus. Staff at every level play a role Cornell's transformation to a sustainable campus. 

About the Champion

Brian Hurley, Infrastructure, Properties And Planning, Facilities Management, Building Care

Brian Hurley was first identified as a sustainability champion in a 2013 nomination for the Cornell University Partners in Sustainability Award (CUPSA), and his efforts are going strong five years later! His team describes Brian as "... an individual who has made Sustainability a way of life. He is always looking for innovative ways we can recycle and re-use our resources available. He has contributed by creating awareness, and has continued to educate the staff, about why sustainability is so important. He engages everyone on sustainability and has become a catalyst for change by educating all why change is needed. His impact has become a reality for the staff and students, and we are all better off because of his commitment to sustainability. He often shares with others the many ideas he has on how we can be better at recycling our resources. He presented a report to Cornell on how they can improve on sustainability efforts here at Cornell. I know firsthand that we are all better off because of Brian's efforts..."

Thank you Brian for all you do!

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