TerraCycle Recycling Bin Campus Collection Sites

Drop off your snack wrappers, toothbrushes, & more for recycling!


Society for Natural Resources Conservation, a student environmental organization, is launching 2 recycling programs: Foil Lined Energy Bar Wrappers and Oral Hygiene Waste (toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, floss containers, and associated packaging). There are collection bins in various campus locations with more expansions underway!

Collected items will be sent to Terracycle for upcycling or break-down into reusable materials.

Please note that all items placed in the boxes must be completely dry. Thank you for your help in reducing landfill waste!


Current Box Locations:

North Campus

Risley (Oral Hygiene, Energy Bar)

Ecology House (Oral Hygiene, Energy Bar)

Donjon (Oral Hygiene, Energy Bar)

Dickson (Oral Hygiene, Energy Bar)

Akwe:kon (Oral Hygiene, Energy Bar)


Central Campus

Temple of Zeus (Energy Bar)

Manndibles (Energy Bar)

Fork & Gavel (Energy Bar)

Martha van Rensselaer (Energy Bar)


Coming Soon!

Martha's Cafe (Energy Bar)

Goldie's Cafe (Energy Bar)

Libe Cafe (Energy Bar)

Carol's Cafe (Energy Bar)

Trillium (Energy Bar)

Anabel's Grocery (Energy Bar)

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