The Forest Talks: A Series of Guides Hikes in Heritage Forests of the Finger Lakes

4th Tuesdays from May through October, 5:30 - 8:00pm

Arnot Forest (Shira Golding)
Arnot Forest (Shira Golding)

The forest and its inhabitants have a lot to tell us about the places we call home, and we are fortunate to have some of the most unique and species-diverse forests of the entire east coast in the Southern Tier of New York.

These walks bring participants to some of the more majestic forests of the finger lakes. Local ecologists & foresters will be our guides as we learn to read the language of the forest and discuss how to apply our observations to management. After the hike we will gather at a nearby pub or coffee shop and continue the conversation.

Tuesday, May 24 with Mike DeMunn at Smith Woods in Trumansburg, who will discuss forest ecology and history.

Mike is widely recognized forester and conservationist and has been practicing ecological forestry for three decades. He is a founding member of the Finger Lakes Land Trust and is their forestry adviser. Mike was given the name Da’ Ha’ da’ nyah meaning “he protects the forest” by his Seneca Hawk Clan mother when she adopted him as her son.

June 28: Forest Management (Arnot Forest, Spencer) - Brett Chezdoy
July 26: Fungi & Ethical Foraging (Conn Hill, Enfield) – Olga Tzogas
August 23: Managing Forests for Wildlife (Newfield) - Lance Ebel
Sept 27: Restoring Forest Riparian Buffers (Conn Hill, Enfield) - Steve Gabriel
October 25: Collecting and Saving Wild Seed (Trumansburg) - Sean Dembrosky

$20 per hike, $30 for two people.
$100 if you sign up for all six.

REGISTER by visiting or email or call 607 342 2825

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