Timeline of Redbud Woods

This is a full timeline of Redbud Woods since 2001...


By Don Barry via CornellActivism.org, November 17, 2006

This is a draft timeline on the Redbud Woods. It's likely that there are errors remaining here. If you have any detailed info on the history, please send to wmt1@cornell.edu. This is when the history begins. We're not sure about the prehistory -- who made initial decisions, what planning work Cornell had already done. What alternatives were considered.

2001, March 20 -- Cornell University West Campus Residential Initiative - SEQR Review and Environmental Determination, Preliminary discussion – Draft Scoping Document. Susan Murphy, Cornell University's Vice President for Student & Academic Services spoke in favor of the West Campus Residential Initiative. John Kiefer, Cornell University's Project Leader for the West Campus Residential Initiative requested the Board set a date for the Public Scoping Session for this project. The selected date is Tuesday, April 10th at 6:00 p.m.


2001, April 24 - City Planning Board adopt and April 17 scope statement for DEIS. The Ihaca Journal reports:


2002, May -- Trowbridge and Wolf publish draft EIS. http://www.cityofithaca.org/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={38512085-9A00-47D3-BEF0-B0EDE821149A}.

2002, June 11 -- Discussion of City Planning Board. http://www.cityofithaca.org/vertical/Sites/{5DCEB23D-5BF8-4AFF-806D-68E7C14DEB0D}/uploads/{1C7C388E-D9F2-4CFB-9FE2-C7E4970962FB}.PDF

2002, August 27 -- City of Ithaca Planning and Development accepts DEIS for comment and review. http://www.cityofithaca.org/vertical/Sites/{5DCEB23D-5BF8-4AFF-806D-68E7C14DEB0D}/uploads/{5B46CB8F-9B4E-4BF0-B585-AFBD86D69381}.PDF

2002, September 24 -- Public hearing on DEIS. Has the complete transcript of the public hearing. Includes presentation by the University Hill Neighborhood Association. http://www.cityofithaca.org/vertical/Sites/{5DCEB23D-5BF8-4AFF-806D-68E7C14DEB0D}/uploads/{313BD710-EF40-4EF4-A804-7547F1029A85}.PDF

IJ reports: http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?d_issuesearch=on&f_subsection=sLOCAL&p_action=doc&p_topdoc=1&p_docnum=1&p_sort=YMD_date:D&p_text_direct-0=document_id=(%200FD5917C70DA9DD0%20)&d_place=IHJB&p_multi=IHJB&f_issue=2002-09-25&f_publisher=&p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated4&p_nbid=U49O4EEEMTEyNTg4NTgzNy43MDM5Mzc6MToxNDoxMjguMjUzLjU2LjIwNA

2002, October 4 -- Deadline for written comments on DEIS. Neighbors (Lunde and Luks) compose written responses.

2002, Fall - Public comments negative on parking lot. Neighborhood organizing (Jane Pedersen, Dorothy Reddington, Joanna Luks, Kate Lunde, John Schroeder)

2002, November-December -- Students showing up at City Planning Board Meetings

2003, February 25 -- Planning Board votes 5-2 to grant site plan approval for the dorms and not the parking lot. This separates the approval of the WCI from the parkign lot. http://www.cityofithaca.org/vertical/Sites/{5DCEB23D-5BF8-4AFF-806D-68E7C14DEB0D}/uploads/{8BC96C8C-46E6-4265-80AB-5870664EFE14}.PDF

IJ: http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?d_issuesearch=on&f_subsection=sLOCAL&p_action=doc&p_topdoc=1&p_docnum=1&p_sort=YMD_date:D&p_text_direct-0=document_id=(%200FD592C245D432D9%20)&d_place=IHJB&p_multi=IHJB&f_issue=2003-02-26&f_publisher=&p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated4&p_nbid=U49O4EEEMTEyNTg4NTgzNy43MDM5Mzc6MToxNDoxMjguMjUzLjU2LjIwNA

2003, April? -- Cornell sues the city (files an Article 78) in State Court to get site plan approval for the parking lot.

2003, June? -- Cornell v. Beach case heard by Judge Mulvey in State Supreme Court.

2003, June 2 -- Ithaca Landmarks Preservation Commission votes unanimously to create the Historic District.

IJ: http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?d_issuesearch=on&f_subsection=sLOCAL&p_action=doc&p_topdoc=1&p_docnum=1&p_sort=YMD_date:D&p_text_direct-0=document_id=(%200FD59270A5FB7FC7%20)&d_place=IHJB&p_multi=IHJB&f_issue=2003-06-04&f_publisher=&p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated4&p_nbid=U49O4EEEMTEyNTg4NTgzNy43MDM5Mzc6MToxNDoxMjguMjUzLjU2LjIwNA

2003, July 9 -- The Ithaca Common Council creates the University Hill Historic District that includes the Treman Lawn and Redbud Woods

2003, July -- Jeff Lehman becomes Cornell President

2003, September -- Judge Mulvey requests that the Planning Board put into writing their objection to the parking lot.

2003, September 9 -- Planning Board writes requested letter to Judge Mulvey. He asks them to substantiate their findings of fact, not to provide new ones. Later, he and Cornell would criticize the Board for doing precisely this. IJ: http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?d_issuesearch=on&f_subsection=sLOCAL&p_action=doc&p_topdoc=1&p_docnum=1&p_sort=YMD_date:D&p_text_direct-0=document_id=(%200FDACA2019CF6CDC%20)&d_place=IHJB&p_multi=IHJB&f_issue=2003-09-17&f_publisher=&p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated4&p_nbid=U49O4EEEMTEyNTg4NTgzNy43MDM5Mzc6MToxNDoxMjguMjUzLjU2LjIwNA

This article uses the name "Rebud Woods."

2003, September 23 -- Shirley Egan authors a document that says the the Board has not acted within the limits of the law/their positions. Some of her statements are in the 11/11 Journal article.

2003, October 11-- Judge Mulvey overturns Planning Board decision.

IJ: http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?p_action=doc&p_docid=0FE25946A49AF3DF&p_docnum=1&p_queryname=5&p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated4&p_nbid=R6AC55YKMTEzMDc3MTgyNC4yNjYyODA6MToxNToxMjguMjUzLjIyNC4yMzk

2003, November 5 -- City Planning Board reluctantly approve parking lot as directed by Judge Mulvey.

2003, November 13 -- Cornell files for Certificate of Appropriateness to build the lot in an historic district. As part of ongoing campaign, Redbud Woods Working Group stages rally around Cornell Student Liz Milhollen who is perched 40-45 feet up one of the trees in Redbud Woods. She remains in the tree for 8 hours before being coaxed down by police. Approx 100 Cornell students go to the Landmark's Commission meeting where extensive testimony is heard from all sides. They ultimately recess without voting.

2003, November-December -- Student group takes on mane of Redbud Woods Working Group ; Student petition circulated; first student assembly resolution passed; faculty letter; Lehman's response to petition. http://www.rso.cornell.edu/snrc/redbud/ A group of people from the neighborhood sues the Planning Board for failing to properly examine alternatives. Suit is in name of Charles Elliot who lives at 410 University; he is represented by Adam Schaye. http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=10605599&BRD=1395&PAG=461&dept_id=216620&rfi=6. http://www.tompkins-co.org/emc/resolutions/2003-6%20redbud%20woods.pdf

2003, December 18 -- Landmark Commission meets to continue discussion. Vote 4-1 denying the certificate.

IJ reports: http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?d_issuesearch=on&f_subsection=sLOCAL&p_action=doc&p_topdoc=1&p_docnum=1&p_sort=YMD_date:D&p_text_direct-0=document_id=(%200FF9C2989ACD85A6%20)&d_place=IHJB&p_multi=IHJB&f_issue=2003-12-19&f_publisher=&p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated4&p_nbid=U49O4EEEMTEyNTg4NTgzNy43MDM5Mzc6MToxNDoxMjguMjUzLjU2LjIwNA

2004, January -- Carolyn Peterson becomes mayor of Ithaca.

2004, April -- Cornell sues the Landmark Commission.

2004, May -- The case is heard in the Supreme Court in Elmira (Marty Luster representing the City).

2004, June -- Judge Muley decides for Cornell.

2004, July -- The mayor lobbies and announces that she will appeal the decision.

2005, January 11 -- Landmark Commission case (Cornell v. Beer) is heard by State Appellate Court.

IJ: http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?d_issuesearch=on&f_subsection=sLOCAL&p_action=doc&p_topdoc=1&p_docnum=1&p_sort=YMD_date:D&p_text_direct-0=document_id=(%20107B4CCF66701D53%20)&d_place=IHJB&p_multi=IHJB&f_issue=2005-01-12&f_publisher=&p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated4&p_nbid=U49O4EEEMTEyNTg4NTgzNy43MDM5Mzc6MToxNDoxMjguMjUzLjU2LjIwNA

2005, March 17 -- Appellate Court decision affirms lower coourt decision overturning the Landmark Commission decision.

IJ: http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?d_issuesearch=on&f_subsection=sLOCAL&p_action=doc&p_topdoc=1&p_docnum=1&p_sort=YMD_date:D&p_text_direct-0=document_id=(%2010A1A09D2E94A60A%20)&d_place=IHJB&p_multi=IHJB&f_issue=2005-03-18&f_publisher=&p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated4&p_nbid=U49O4EEEMTEyNTg4NTgzNy43MDM5Mzc6MToxNDoxMjguMjUzLjU2LjIwNA

2005, March 29 -- Students (SNRC - Society for Natural Resources Conservation; members of Llenroc, etc.) meet at 660 Stewart Ave Co-op.

2005, March 31 -- Lehman makes a statement on institutional commitment to sustainability.

2005, April 1 -- Cornell Daily Sun April Fool's issue to pave Redbud Woods.

2005, April, first two weeks -- Students begin meeting daily.

2005, April 12 or 13? -- There is a rally in front of Day Hall. Folks ask Lehman not to pave and to respond to this request by Earth Day (April 22). Four students are up in trees.

2005, April 26 - 27 -- Norah and Paloma lock themselves around a tree in front of Day Hall.

IJ: http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?d_issuesearch=on&f_subsection=sLOCAL&p_action=doc&p_topdoc=1&p_docnum=1&p_sort=YMD_date:D&p_text_direct-0=document_id=(%20109D8A761C51A977%20)&d_place=IHJB&p_multi=IHJB&f_issue=2005-04-27&f_publisher=&p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated4&p_nbid=U49O4EEEMTEyNTg4NTgzNy43MDM5Mzc6MToxNDoxMjguMjUzLjU2LjIwNA

2005, April 26-29 and May 1-3 -- Students camp out in front of Day Hall.

2005, April 28 -- Students (Danny Pearlstein, Fabian Canas, Amelia Apfel) meet with Lehman and Susan Murphy to register their objections. They leave, went to Sage Chapel. A group of students (Danny Pearlstein, Amelia Apfel, Patrick Young, Jordan Wells, Kjirsten Alexander, Daisy Torres, Laura McIntyre?, Ethan Middlebrooks) go up to Lehman's office. They chain themselves together. Aubryn Sidle and Grace Ritter accompany the students and take pictures and leave. A large rally is going on outside Day Hall. The rally group enters Day Hall twice, first through the back and then the front door. Students remain in office about 5 hours and are then arrested and removed. Students are left for a long time in handcuffs that are much too tight. All students are charged with trespass and five also with resisting arrest. Outside the building, students block the police cars.

IJ: http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?d_issuesearch=on&f_subsection=sLOCAL&p_action=doc&p_topdoc=1&p_docnum=1&p_sort=YMD_date:D&p_text_direct-0=document_id=(%20109D8A76AE0A5BBE%20)&d_place=IHJB&p_multi=IHJB&f_issue=2005-04-29&f_publisher=&p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated4&p_nbid=U49O4EEEMTEyNTg4NTgzNy43MDM5Mzc6MToxNDoxMjguMjUzLjU2LjIwNA

2005, April 29 -- Lehman speaks at CALS Centennial on the three challenges. 50-75 students protest at the speech by laughing and sighing. Students are disruptive during speech and question/answer period. Protest lasts 30 minutes.

2005, May 4 -- The Redbud Eight go to court for arraignment with Judge Rossiter. They ask for adjournment to find lawyers. Adjournment is granted; the Eight are asked to return in a nine days. The Eight go to the Ag Quad. They meet with 30 students to march to Day Hall, where is placed "The Jeffrey Sean Lehman Urban Garden": a junk car filled with dirt and used as a planter. Car came from Aubryn. It was driven to Day Hall where the wheels were removed. Eventually, the car is towed, after remaining in front of Day Hall for about five hours. Students (Robyn and Alexis), wearing climbing gear, drop banner from top of Statler. The two come down at the request of the Cornell Police and were not arrested.

2005, May 5 -- Letter from faculty published in Sun (written by Brett de Bary and signed by dozens of faculty and others). Letter asks for a 6 month moratorium and amnesty for those months. Danny Pearlstein, Fabian Canas, Brett de Bary and Bill Trochim meet with Susan Murphy and Kent Hubbell regarding said moratorium and amnesty. Susan agrees to talk to Lehman.

2005, May 27 -- Commencement - handbills given to Trustees.

2005, May 29 -- Collect signatures from faculty lining up for Commencement.

2005, June 1 -- Surveying done at RB Woods. Danny Pearlstein receives email from Mike MacAnnany? (project manager) that within ten days from June 1, a fence would go up to secure the site in order for cutting to begin.

2005, June 2 -- Rebuddies appear in the Ithaca Fest Parade. They march with the Catholic Worker contingent.

2005, June 3 -- Backhoe removes curb on University Avenue.

2005, June 6 -- Economy Paving crew shows up and begins cutting trees. Thirty students, community members, and faculty take positions on the ground and in front of trees. Norah Kates and Andrea get into the double lockdown position. Psyrx, wearing spikes but no harness, climbs into the "tree boat," a hammock-like tree sit near the front (University Ave side) of the woods. Julian Drix and Anna Ritter climb Liz's Tree. The Cornell Police come to the site, as does a New York Times reporter. At about noon, there is a thunderstorm, which frustrates the construction workers' cutting. The students remain in the woods during the storm. The workers leave and do not return. That night, Psyrx puts up the tree sit closest to University Ave. This action brings the total number of tree sits to four: the yellow oak, Liz's tree, the tree boat, and the road sit.

IJ: http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?d_issuesearch=on&f_subsection=sLOCAL&p_action=doc&p_topdoc=1&p_docnum=1&p_sort=YMD_date:D&p_text_direct-0=document_id=(%2010ACBDF7A61D0F14%20)&d_place=IHJB&p_multi=IHJB&f_issue=2005-06-07&f_publisher=&p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated4&p_nbid=U49O4EEEMTEyNTg4NTgzNy43MDM5Mzc6MToxNDoxMjguMjUzLjU2LjIwNA

2005, June 7 -- Economy Paving shows up but leaves by mid morning. NY Times article runs. Community eats breakfast on University Avenue. Folks hang out all day in/at the Woods. Nothing happens.

IJ: http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?d_issuesearch=on&f_subsection=sLOCAL&p_action=doc&p_topdoc=1&p_docnum=1&p_sort=YMD_date:D&p_text_direct-0=document_id=(%2010ACBDF7949DC97D%20)&d_place=IHJB&p_multi=IHJB&f_issue=2005-06-08&f_publisher=&p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated4&p_nbid=U49O4EEEMTEyNTg4NTgzNy43MDM5Mzc6MToxNDoxMjguMjUzLjU2LjIwNA

2005, June 8 -- June negotiations begin between Patrick, Grace, Bill, and Danny for the Redbuddies and Susan Murphy, Kent Hubbell, and Tommy Bruce for CU. Whole group gathers in early afternoon to compile a list of alternate demands. Some understand ramifications for Woods. Others believe these are demands in addition to saving Redbud Woods. The Working Group brainstorms about over 100 demands under four headings: community, democracy, sustainability, and accountability. The negotiators bring all of the ideas to the table but do not discuss any of them in detail. Negotiations take place in Willard Straight in the International Lounge.

2005, June 9 -- Negotiations continue. Murphy, Hubbell, Bruce v. Danny, Fabian, Bill, Grace in WSH International Lounge. Redbuddies make high offer.

2005, June 10 - 12 -- Reunion. Alumni sign up against the parking lot.

2005, June 11 -- Negotiations in Browsing Library of WSH. Danny, Fabian, Bill, Grace. Lehman resigns at State of University Address to alums. Redbuddies rejoice. Admin makes very low offer. Danny and Grace nearly walk out.

2005, June 13 -- Negotiations in the basement of Day Hall (very cold). Danny, Fabian, Bill, Grace, Elizabeth Sanders. Redbuddies make new, somewhat lower offer than June 9 original. Elizabeth asks Susan articulate, obvious questions about the elephant in the room.

2005, June 14 -- Susan's office. Danny, Fabian, Bill, Grace, Elizabeth Sanders. Admin makes new, poor offer. Redbuddies ask for amendments. Susan says she will follow up while in NY with trustees.

2005, June 15 3 AM -- Jeff, Lynne, Norah, Kjirsten, and Danny leave for NY trustee meeting. They deliver mail to NY trustees and Cornell club guests.

2005, June 17 -- Negotiations in Susan's office. Danny, Fabian, Bill, Grace, Elizabeth Sanders, Tom Eisner.

2005, June 18 -- Art Opening, "Sustainable Dreams." Redbuddies decorate the woods with pictures, paintings, poems, letters, post-cards, etc.

2005, June 20 -- Everyone thinks a showdown is about to happen. All folks sleep in woods. Lots of noise. Nothing happens.

2005, June 23 -- Tom Eisner is asked to find 310 parking usable parking spots. Lehman says he will not build during his term. Susan to Danny + Fabian : "No camping, hanging out, digging holes, and hauling in slabs of stone."

2005, June 28 -- Fond Farewell: Gifts for Jeff from Norah, Peter, Carl. Jeff P. yells at Susan M.

2005, July 1 -- Faculty Press Conference. Hunter Rawlings begins his interim term.

2005, July 2 -- Interdependence Day. Redbuddies have a barbeque next to the woods.

2005, July 4 -- Independence Day. Even hippies can be patriots. Fireworks curiously attract no police.

2005, July 5 -- Rally pondered for Friday. No decisions made.

2005, July 7, 8 -- Hunter meets with faculty and students (Fabian, Trustee Doug Mitarotonda, ex SA Pres Erica Kagan, future SA Pres Tim Lim) separately.

2005, July 11 -- Houston and Charlie Walcott, Dean of Faculty, meet with Rawlings to discuss differences on Redbud Woods. Group has meeting to address Rawling's concern and drafts plan that would link a 6 month moratorium on construction to creation of a Task Force to be composed of administrators, faculty, students and staff as chosen by Rawlings on the recommendation of the Working Group. The charge of the TF is to consider alternatives to the lot during which time a moratorium (on construction and on protest) would be in effect.

2005, July 12 -- Eisner and Houston present the first page of the Task Force draft at a meeting with Rawlings and Provost Biddy Martin. Rawlings accepts the document but makes no move to accept the Task Force as a solution to the escalating conflict.

2005, July 13 -- Rawlings announces that he will make the decision about the fate of the woods at 2:30 PM. He has a meeting with the Faculty Working Group (Marty, Liz, Jane Marie, Abby, Brett) that begins at the same time. The police are scheduled to arrive at Redbud Woods at 2:30 PM. This assignment is made by the administration and constitutes a breach of faith that there would be a delay between the announcement of the decision and action taken against the demonstrators. Fifteen police officers arrive at the woods at 2:40 PM. They construct an orange plastic fence around the site with students and community members inside. The group occupies all of the lockdown positions. Peter Kowalczyk climbs into the road tree sit. Community delivers food donations over the fence. No tickets are issued, but CUPD distribute trespass warning to all occupiers.

IJ: http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?d_issuesearch=on&f_subsection=sLOCAL&p_action=doc&p_topdoc=1&p_docnum=1&p_sort=YMD_date:D&p_text_direct-0=document_id=(%2010B5F750F00077A8%20)&d_place=IHJB&p_multi=IHJB&f_issue=2005-07-14&f_publisher=&p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated4&p_nbid=U49O4EEEMTEyNTg4NTgzNy43MDM5Mzc6MToxNDoxMjguMjUzLjU2LjIwNA

Statement by Rawlings as it appeared in the IJ: http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?d_issuesearch=on&f_subsection=sLOCAL&p_action=doc&p_topdoc=1&p_docnum=1&p_sort=YMD_date:D&p_text_direct-0=document_id=(%2010B5F75080255E68%20)&d_place=IHJB&p_multi=IHJB&f_issue=2005-07-14&f_publisher=&p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated4&p_nbid=U49O4EEEMTEyNTg4NTgzNy43MDM5Mzc6MToxNDoxMjguMjUzLjU2LjIwNA

July 13, 2005 Statement by Cornell President Hunter Rawlings concerning the proposed West Campus replacement parking lot (http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/July05/WCRP_STATEMENT.tb.html)

"...Since returning to the presidency on July 1, 2005, I have reviewed the plans for the replacement parking lot on West Campus. Following several redrafts in response to community discussion, the firm of Trowbridge and Wolf has developed an excellent design for the parking lot, a design that incorporates key principles of sustainability: preservation of endangered species such as yellow oaks; retention of as much extant vegetation as possible, such as redbuds and other invasive species; a carefully designed system for stormwater retention that incorporates filtering before release and acknowledgment of the history and culture of the site by preserving the carriage path, pavilion, stone base, tennis courts and other elements on the property. " (italics added by kwm)

2005, July 14 -- Demonstrators remain in the woods over night. No arrests are made during the day. Police remove the double lockbox. Students construct new lockboxes in the basement of 660. They bring the tree-hugger lock boxes into the woods. There are nine people in lockdown positions: Seth, Amanda, Peter, Norah, Lynne, Jeff, Ryan, Julian, Anna. Others are wearing chains and are "arrestable."

IJ: http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?p_action=doc&p_docid=10B7A83358571440&p_docnum=5&p_queryname=4&p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated4&p_nbid=A59H5BNRMTEyNjEwMDk0Ny41NDk5MDA6MToxNDoxMjguMjUzLjU2LjE2OA

2005, July 15 -- Construction workers put up a six foot tall chain link fence in place of the orange plastic one. Police ticket the demonstrators (between 60 and 65 people) remaining on the inside of the fence. These people include students, community members, and faculty. The tickets issued are trespass violations. Marvin is arrested for disorderly conduct near the carriage path lockbox, which police removed immediately before the arrest.


2005, July 16 3:00 AM -- CUPD Officer Stickle is hauled up the tree near University Ave that contains the Hex platform, which has been unused throughout the occupation. He cuts two of the six ropes stabilizing it so that it hangs at a 45 degree angle. The result is a very unsafe situation, and the platform must be removed.

2005, July 16 -- A handfull of counter-protesters set up across the street on University Ave. They sit with signs for several hours. Danny, Lynne, Bill, Brett and Nancy Schuler meet with Susan Murphy in the basement of 660. They discuss Susan coming to the woods to talk with the whole Working Group. She agrees, and she and Kent Hubbell come back to the woods later that evening. The group (about 25 peeople) meets for the first time. They brainstorm what might be the terms of an agreement. Tickets are issued during the day to people inside the fence. Patrick, Anna, and Jay begin a hunger strike at 9:00 PM.

2005, July 17 -- Murphy and Hubbell meet with the group three separate times to discuss the agreement. Murphy leaves each meeting with the intent of "doing her homework" about particulars of the agreement. That night, there is a vigil in the woods. Community members are allowed to enter the fence "with amnesty" until midnight. Over a hundred people show up. There is talk about taking down the fence, but nothing happens. Tickets are issued after midnight.

IJ: http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?p_action=doc&p_docid=10B7A8330D499C80&p_docnum=6&p_queryname=6&p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated4&p_nbid=A59H5BNRMTEyNjEwMDk0Ny41NDk5MDA6MToxNDoxMjguMjUzLjU2LjE2OA

2005, July 18 -- Demonstrators sign the agreement at 3:00 PM after a day of deliberations. Murphy and Hubbell come to the woods twice in the morning. Hunter Rawlings comes to the woods to sign the agreement. He speaks to three students, Danny, Fabian, and Lynne. He leaves after ten minutes. While Rawlings talks, Jean-Pierre (Jay) Verdijo announces that he and others have formed another group that will stay in the woods. They call the group "Trees and Children First." The group has one person in lockdown (Jay), one person in the road sit, one person in Liz's tree, and as many as four in yellow oak sit.

NY Times article runs: "At Cornell, a Push to End Stalemate Over Parking Lot" by Barbara Whittaker.

IJ: http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/InfoWeb?p_action=doc&p_docid=10B7A833E69B7028&p_docnum=10&p_queryname=7&p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated4&p_nbid=A59H5BNRMTEyNjEwMDk0Ny41NDk5MDA6MToxNDoxMjguMjUzLjU2LjE2OA

2005, July 19 -- Demonstrators remain. Sareanda Lourdes is arrested. They are denied food by the police. People on the outside of the fence are not allowed to pass them food.


NY Times runs: "After Protest, Cornell and Students Reach Accord in Parking Lot Dispute" by Barbara Whittaker.

2005, July 20 3:00 AM -- Jay is dug up from his lockbox. Psyrx is arrested for cutting the string of the tarp that prevents onlookers from seeing police action taken against Jay. He is released on bail.

2005, July 20 -- Cutting begins. Ilonka Wloch is arrested while running through the site. Amanda Hobbs, Briana Binkerd-Dale, Thea and Mudy remain in the trees. CUPD gives them Gatorade but continues to deny them food. Later in the day, Fabian helps Amanda out of Liz's tree.


2005, July 21 -- Cutting continues. The three in the yellow oak come down, having been "starved out" of the woods.

2005, July 22 -- All of the trees are gone. There is debate over whether Cornell saved the trees that had marked to be saved. Also as part of the agreement, they save some of the timber to be sold or used.

2005, August 8 -- Signers of the agreement receive an email from Susan Murpy informing them that have have to be in court on August 10, as the "amnesty clause" of the agreement did not go through. That is, the court has mandated that Cornell must send all the tickets issued to court. The email explains that the signers will probably receive ACDs, adjournment in contemplation of dismissal.

****** resume here

2005, August 25 - we were informed in an email to the list by Jeff Purcell jlp56@cornell.edu of a task force whose charge and composition were sent by the administration to Danny Pearlstein in the preceeding week. It is attached. Notably, it does not include the presence of FWG nominees Ken Mudge and Elisabeth Sanders among those invited to study this information for the pleasure of the Cornell Administration. Brett de Bary wrote to Dean of University Faculty Charles Walcott cw38@cornell.edu to ask for clarification and explanation of this apparent omission.

The AdHocCommitteeComposition.txt and ChargeToCommittee.txt are here attached.

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