An engineering team at Cornell University dedicated to creating high-reliability, low-cost solutions to global water problems...

AguaClara plants provide clean water to more than 30,000 Hondurans

AguaClara is an engineering team based at Cornell University that develops sustainable water treatment technology. AguaClara plans to serve hundreds of millions of people with clean water through innovative design, construction, and training for community drinking water treatment plants. Our technology is simple to operate, built with locally available materials, and doesn't use electricity. Because of this, AguaClara plants cost less than one third the amount paid to build and operate a conventional mechanized plant and empower small and midsize resource-poor communities to produce their own safe tap water.

AguaClara is scaling up to achieve our vision that millions of people around the world enjoy safe water using our technology, growing our network of implementation partners and funders so that AguaClara becomes the international standard for centralized water treatment.

Cornell grad working in Honduras with Agua Para el Pueblo
Cornell grad working in Honduras with Agua Para el Pueblo

The AguaClara program provides undergraduate & graduate students the opportunity to enhance their education with hands-on experience working on projects with real life applications. In 2012, the National Academy of Engineering recognized AguaClara as an exemplary program that "infuses real world experience into engineering education."

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