Building Energy Use Data, Dashboard, and Metrics

Real time and monthly energy and carbon impacts from buildings across campus...

Building Dashboard

This engaging interactive tool provides contextualized real-time utility data in an effort to reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint. It also provides information and links about campus sustainability initiatives, energy conservation tips, and an interactive discussion board. You can compare your building's energy consumption to others, check standings in energy competitions, make commitments to conserving, or tell others what you're doing to be green.

Cornell Building Energy Dashboard

Energy Management and Contol System (EMCS) Portal

The EMCS portal provides access to downloadable real-time energy consumption data for campus buildings and electric generation from our solar photovoltaic systems, central energy plant, and weather data.

EMCS Portal

Campus Energy Metrics

The campus energy metrics provide an analysis of the overall campus Energy Conservation Initiative (ECI). They document and measure ECI savings on a campus-wide basis, and identify buildings where energy use is trending up. Those buildings are then targeted for follow up action.

Energy Metrics