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Building Energy Conservation is an aggressive campaign to reduce energy consumption across campus through retrofits and behavior change...

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Cornell continues to support funding for energy conservation at the highest levels. Over the next five years, over forty-five million dollars is budgeted to implement a broad program of energy conservation on the Cornell campus and beyond. To date, energy conservation projects have enabled the university to maintain a flat energy use profile, while increasing the Ithaca campus footprint by over one million square feet of new construction. It is currently estimated that combined energy conservation efforts have saved over one million dollars in energy use. Cornell is presently tracking seven applications submitted to the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) New Construction Program. In addition, departmental initiatives as well as student-led activities continue to advance energy conservation throughout campus. In addition, Energy & Sustainability sponsors the Think Big, Live Green sustainability campaign focused on promoting energy saving actions at the college and residence hall level. The campaign follows the tails of the 2011 CALS Green building energy competition and targets educating building occupants how to be green on and off campus.

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