Buildings Focus Team

Cornell aims to design, build, and maintain buildings in ways that provide healthy indoor environment and mitigate impact on the outdoor environment...

The Buildings Focus Team is one of the 10 President's Sustainable Campus Committee Focus Teams.

Cornell is taking steps to improve the sustainability performance of the campus buildings. Buildings are generally the largest user of energy and the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions on campuses. Buildings also use significant amounts of potable water.


  • Refine energy modeling and building energy intensity standards to serve as an integral process within design and construction.
  • Assessment of carbon reductions and participation in Climate Action Plan update.
  • Support policy of LEED Silver and 30% less energy use than ASHRAE standards for all new buildings and renovations over $5 million with a goal of achieving 50% less energy use.
  • Reduction of average energy intensity to 150,000 BTU/SF/YEAR in labs and 50,000 BTU/SF/YEAR in office spaces.
  • Develop additional metrics and targets in the following areas: Standardized Tools for Building Energy Modeling, Post Occupancy Evaluations, Efficient Space Utilization, Outreach, Maintenance and Operations, Energy Conservation, Design and Construction Standards.

Buildings Team Co-Chairs
Ying Hua, Assistant Professor Design and Environmental Analysis,

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