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Helping municipalities reduce their carbon footprint and prepare for climate change
Helping municipalities reduce their carbon footprint and prepare for climate change

The Climate Blog is an effort to provide an online resource for the campus community that offers research, education, outreach and extension program resources. The Climate Blog gives readers information on various projects, research, courses, readings, as well as updates on news and events that are relevant to Cornell’s climate change efforts and links to other valuable online resources and contacts. As climate change is an issue that can and should be addressed by a variety of academic disciplines, the blog offers a place for different fields to come together and pool their resources, share information, and benefit from one another’s knowledge.

The blog is overseen by the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future’s Climate Change Program and Focus Group (CCFG) and the Cornell Climate Change Program Work Team (PWT). The CCFG is made up of 17 faculty members from a range of disciplines including climate science, ecology, agriculture, engineering economics, architectural history and the social sciences working together to connect the campus community with sustainability initiatives and keep students, faculty and staff connected. The PWT consists of over twenty-five Cornell faculty, staff and CCE educators from around the State who work to share current climate change research and develop materials to keep the campus community and the general public informed of current research.

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