Cornell Botanic Gardens

Cornell Botanic Gardens is an area of great natural beauty...

Cornell Botanic Gardens protects and manages over 40 natural areas spanning nearly 4300 acres of rich and diverse habitats

Cornell Botanic Gardens manages over forty of Cornell’s natural areas, including over 4,000 acres of botanical gardens, the F.R. Newman Arboretum, and many diverse habitats used for research, education, and recreation. These protected areas are obtained through gift and purchase and are key resources when it comes to supporting the university’s commitment to sustainability.

Carbon Sequestration

To determine annual carbon sequestration rate, Cornell Botanic Gardens completed a natural community type and age mapping inventory of all managed natural areas. The inventory revealed that Cornell’s natural areas sequester approximately 4,207 metric tons of CO2 annually.


The data provided by the inventory process regarding the types and acreages of Cornell’s natural areas will provide a baseline for evaluating community changes over time.

Learn more about Cornell Botanic Gardens natural areas by visiting their website here.
Plantations Welcome Center (Tobias Wolf  ASLA Wolf Landscape Architecture)
Cornell Botanic Gardens Welcome Center (Tobias Wolf ASLA Wolf Landscape Architecture)