Department of Natural Resources

The Department of Natural Resources is the first college of its kind in North America...

Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program
Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program

Our world-renowned Department of Natural Resources focuses on the interplay of the ecological and social sciences in fostering environmental sustainability, offering ways for students, scientists and citizens to be a part of a critically important and growing field. Students, professors, and outreach program participants can focus on issues related to maximizing biodiversity, enhancing and sustaining ecosystems, mitigating climate change and managing natural resources.

The department also has partnerships with local groups, state agencies and national and international environmental organizations that enhance research efforts and expose our students to a diversity of critical environmental issues. The department’s committed faculty and staff provide engaging academic guidance, advising, and research opportunities for students, as well as provide knowledge of natural and environmental resources to citizens of New York and across the United States.

The department’s research works to enhance our understanding of Earth’s biodiversity, the ecological processes that support this diversity, and how resilient relationships between humans and the environment can be fostered. More broadly, the goal of this research is to strengthen society’s capacity to conserve biological diversity and maintain resilient social-ecological systems in the face of globalization, urbanization, climate change, habitat fragmentation and loss of biological diversity. The department’s research is often interdisciplinary, integrating the physical, chemical and biological disciplines and involving collaborations with other departments at Cornell and other universities around the world, state and federal agencies and other natural resource conservation organizations. Our research goes beyond areas of New York State and extends to other states in the Northeast as well as many countries including China, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Tajikistan, Canada and Finland.

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