Energy Procurement Plan

A plan for the University to achieve its desired energy portfolio...

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An Energy Procurement Plan is a Leadership goal in the Cornell Climate Action Plan (CAP).

Draft an Energy Procurement Plan to identify long-term (30-year) strategies for energy procurement at Cornell.

Goal: Prioritize investment and develop a realistic timeline for Cornell’s transition to renewable energy through a long-term Energy Procurement Plan.

Natural gas is not a long-term greenhouse gas alternative, and it does not provide a direct path for Cornell to make the transition to renewable energy. A long-term Energy Procurement Plan will establish a clear pathway for the University to achieve its desired energy portfolio. Preparation and periodic updating of an Energy Procurement Plan will require Cornell to engage in a proactive strategic planning process to maximize renewable energy resource development and deployment and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. In short, the plan will provide the Cornell community with a clear vision of the energy portfolio it wants to achieve, as well as strategies for getting there.

By identifying clear action steps in a long-term Energy Procurement Plan, Cornell can target future investment and policy decisions. The plan will increase understanding and awareness about the financial and operational aspects of specific renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. It could also spur action by presenting short– and long–term steps to achieve the desired scenario.

Energy consultants will partner with staff to quantify the University’s existing load profile. The plan will evaluate the energy generation potential of renewable energy (including solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, and hydropower), the energy resource availability, financial resource availability, market conditions, and pathways for technology deployment through existing or future networks.

While no immediate reductions in GHG emissions will be achieved by creating this plan, the plan will provide decision makers with a more detailed understanding of the University’s energy demand and renewable supply potential. The plan will help to define and determine the most effective and efficient means of meeting our long–term energy goals.

Next Steps

  • Hire a consultant to complete a load profile and perform a market analysis of available external projects (wind, solar, geothermal, biogas, and hydropower) that could be incorporated into Cornell’s long-term energy portfolio.
  • Monitor and participate in related NYS Public Service Commission proceedings
  • Develop an initial energy procurement plan with an annual review process.


Prioritize investment in renewable energy projects to enhance Cornell’s mission and achieve our long-term energy goals.