Green Revolving Fund

A fund to capture energy cost savings for reinvestment in campus sustainability projects...

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Green Revolving Fund @ Cornell University from Devin Jameson on Vimeo.

A Green Revolving Fund is an Innovation goal in the Cornell Climate Action Plan (CAP).

Work with the Johnson's Center for Global Sustainable Enterprise Green Revolving Fund to invest in energy conservation projects and capture energy cost savings for reinvestment.

Goal: Cornell's Green Revolving Fund (GRF) was established in December 2013 to provide small-scale financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other sustainability projects that generate cost savings for the University. The idea is that the operational savings will be tracked and used to replenish the fund for the next round of investments.

NBA 6790, the academic component of the Fund, is offered by the Johnson School to Cornell students to manage the Fund and engage in GRF-related activities under faculty guidance each fall and spring term. The class is the vehicle by which students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience identifying, developing, proposing, evaluating, implementing, and managing energy efficiency investment projects around campus using a corpus of dedicated funds available for those investments. Working in coordination with the University's Finance, Investment, and Infrastructure, Property & Planning offices, students conduct their work in various teams to address a range of operational elements related to the fund, including project identification, proposal evaluation, marketing, financial management, and fundraising.

Next Steps

  • Grow student enrollment in NBA 6790.
  • Nurture external network of alumni and subject matter experts to support student experiential learning; establish advisory group for GRF.
  • Deepen stakeholder relationships across campus, including college/unit, faculty, staff, and student representation to determine how the GRF can be effectively managed, utilized, and maintained.
  • Track GRF impacts over time.
  • Launch new website.
Continue to secure funding and build ongoing funding mechanisms into the overall business model for the GRF. Based on the success of the fund, the size of the GRF could be increased (or decreased) to respond to future opportunities and needs.

For more information go to the GRF website or contact them at: