Green Your Office

Green your office in 5 easy steps……

Way to go to Carpenter Hall - winners of Energy Smackdown & Dean's office - Level 4 Green Office
Carpenter Hall  earned Level 4 and were- winners of Energy Smackdown! The Dean's office also achieved Level 4 Green Office!

Green Office Certification Program

The Cornell Green Office Certification Program is a point-based, self–assessment checklist which offices use to assess, their current practices, set goals to initiate new practices and be recognized for their efforts in the following areas: Community Engagement, Energy, Green Events, Purchasing, Recycling, Transportation, and Waste.

See our resource guides on this page to start making your office green today!

Check the 5 easy steps to receive your Cornell Green Office Certification.


Register your office via email


Download the Green Office Checklist and read the overview and instructions on page 2 of the checklist.

Complete the Green Office Checklist by identifying sustainable actions that your office has taken. Each action has points assigned, so the more actions your office is currently doing or will implement prior to submission of the checklist will be points awarded toward your Green Office Certification. Use the resources guides below to help introduce new sustainable practices into your workgroup.

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green events recy transwaste


There are a few ways to submit your completed checklist to the Campus Sustainability Office:

  • Upload to Cornell Box in your own department folder (assigned to you upon your registration)
  • Email the checklist to
  • Interoffice mail: Campus Sustainability Office, 129 Humphreys Service Building

Receive your certification!