Ideas for a Better World

A new workshop series showcasing innovative strategies for the greater good...

Core Business Integration of Sustainability – Dan Roth
Cornell built an organizational change framework over 10 years to integrate sustainability into the university's operations and culture. During this time we have always been on the lookout for ways to explain this transformative process. Harvard University in partnership with the US Green Building Council have developed a new framework called "Core Business Integration of Sustainability" or CBIS to help leaders of large organizations understand the challenge at hand and act strategically to improve their organizations. The overarching CBIS framework is grounded in years of studying actual sustainability transformations in higher education and other sectors. All the pieces brought together in the CBIS are both consistent with our Cornell experience and shed new light on how we could go even further.

Breaking Through Barriers: Transforming Your Community – Erin Moore
Community Based Social Marketing or CBSM is the cornerstone for developing successful campaigns that encourage sustainable actions. CSBM uses modern marketing techniques with other engagement programs to inspire behaviors that will benefit communities for the greater good. The CBSM framework involves community research, identification of benefits and obstacles, and development of strategies to engage a community in sustainable actions. Using social science theories and existing communications outlets at Cornell, each college and administrative unit will be equipped with tools needed to manage their own sustainability goals and lead the sustainable campus transformation.


Ideas for a Better World -Sustainability Strategies Workshop February 2015