Masters in Regional Planning

This program provides the tools, techniques, and strategies needed for planners to design more equitable, vibrant, beautiful, and sustainable places...

Master of Regional Planning Degree Details
Master of Regional Planning Degree 

Cornell’s Masters in Regional Planning helps students to understand the structural forces that cause social inequity, environmental damage and economic decline and provide tools for students to develop solutions to these problems, and create better communities. The program’s curriculum combines theory and practice in both domestic and international realms, and has a distinguished faculty with extensive research and outreach agendas.

The program is further enriched by its international perspective, with more than a third of students coming form outside the United States from places like Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. There is a strong sense of cooperation between faculty and students, and in addition students have access to an extensive variety of workshops and internships to apply their research and coursework in practical settings. The program emphasizes the interdependence of theory and practice, the importance of sustainable and contextually appropriate action, the necessity of addressing social justice and equity in planning efforts, as well as the interplay of land use, design, economic development, historic preservation and governance in planning.

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