New York Coalition for Sustainability in Higher Education

Promoting and supporting environmental, fiscal, and social responsibility...

The NY Coalition for Sustainability in Higher Education (NYCSHE) unites representatives of higher education and supporting organizations in the state of New York with a common interest to promote and support environmental, fiscal, and social responsibility.

NYCSHE's Charge:

  • To bring together members from higher education who share interest, knowledge, and expertise and those that are in strategic positions that impact our sustainability policies, practices, and physical development
  • To advise members on “best practices” within the field of sustainability
  • To be a conduit for information about policies, practices and ideas, primarily to make them more affordable, available, uniform, consistent, and utilized in order to support environmental needs in New York State
  • To become a voice on promoting the best interests of sustainability stakeholders with the New York State Legislature and the Federal Government
  • To coordinate related activities with coalitions of similar purpose, on a local, regional and national level

Learn more about NYCSHE on their website.

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