New York State Water Resources Institute

Addressing critical problems of water resource quality and management...

Ithaca Wastewater Treatment Upgrades
Ithaca Wastewater Treatment Upgrades

A federally and state mandated institution located at Cornell University, The New York State Water Resources Institute’s mission is to improve the management of water resources in New York State as well as the nation as a whole. WRI has access to all the scientific and technical resources available at Cornell. The Institute was established in at Cornell University in 1987 with the purpose of addressing critical problems of water resource quality and management. Today WRI collaborates with regional, state, and national partners to increase awareness of water resource issues, assess new water management technologies and develop new policies.

NYS WRI addresses issues including:

  • Gas wells and hydraulic fracturing (a.k.a. fracking)
  • Aging water infrastructure
  • Reactive nitrogen
  • Effects of climate change on water resources

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