NYS Agricultural Experiment Station

Scientific discovery at NYSAES has yielded new technologies, notable plant varieties, and innovative cropping systems for over one hundred years...

An integral part of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell’s New York State Agricultural Experiment Station (NYSAES) develops cutting-edge technologies essential to feeding the world and strengthening New York economies. Established in 1880, the Station includes over 700 acres of land, orchards and vineyards. NYSAES’s research ranges from developing safe and nutritious foods to pioneering new means and methods to preserve the environment. NYSAES continues serving New York consumers, agricultural producers, food businesses and farm families. The Station works to translate state-of-the-art research into industry innovation and economic growth, helping New York capitalize on new food and agricultural opportunities.

At NYSAES, more than 300 of our University’s faculty, staff and students work to safeguard New York’s production of fruits and vegetables, develop new crops, enhance food safety for consumers, and promote economically viable farming solutions.

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