President's Sustainable Campus Committee ** page on test site**

Cornell's longstanding commitment to sustainability is a signature of who we are and how we think about ourselves...

Presidents Sustainable Campus Committee at STARS celebration 2012
President's Sustainable Campus Committee at STARS celebration 2012

The President's Sustainable Campus Committee (PSCC) works to promote a culture of sustainability on campus through effective collaborations among staff, students, faculty, and regional partners, and it advocates for policies and programs that enhance Cornell’s commitment to be a living laboratory for the environmental, economic, and social dimensions of sustainability. The PSCC includes representatives from operations and academic staff, students and faculty. It has oversight across 10 areas of sustainable campus activities: [will add links to all focus team pages-and will alphabatize] energy, climate, water, food, waste, buildings, people, land, purchasing and transportation. Teams of staff, students and faculty have been formed to implement actions in each of these areas. Every year the PSCC hosts a sustainability summit to bring all 10 teams together for reporting on progress and setting goals for the year ahead. The PSCC prepares an annual progress report on Cornell's campus sustainability initiatives and commitments. In August 2011, the PSCC adopted and approved the Cornell University Sustainability Plan (pdf). For a one page snapshot of our 2013 accomplishments click here.

The PSCC consists of approximately 45 to 50 members who serve on one of the following: Executive Committee, Advisory Committee, Communications Committee, and the Focus Teams.

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