Leadership for Sustainability Class

Join ALS 2000 and become an educator for sustainable living...

Do you want to get academic credit while making a real difference on campus? Are you looking to get practical experience in sustainability leadership and peer education? If so, Leadership for Sustainability is the class for you! This course will provide all interested students with the skills and hands-on experiences needed to develop sustainability leadership skills important to their time at Cornell but also to their future careers and lives.  

ALS 2000: Leadership for Sustainability is a 3 credit service-learning course to develop leadership and peer education skills. Students will learn to identify and examine critical sustainability issues and how to develop campaigns and communication skills that lead to changes in behavior – their own and others.  How can we all reduce our carbon footprint and shift towards more just, efficient, and smart sustainable systems?   Using Cornell as a living laboratory for experimentation and learning, students will identify and examine critical issues that affect the Cornell community's impact on sustainability. We will focus on actions related to energy use that can reduce our contributions to a rapidly warming climate. Students will increase their leadership skills and better understand how to motivate themselves and others to change behaviors to improve their stewardship of the planet on which we all reside.  This is a course for students concerned about the future of planet Earth and what to do about it. Students living in Residence Halls on campus are encouraged to enroll, along with all others interested in sustainability. 

Sarah Brylinsky (seb382@cornell.edu) - Campus Sustainability Office
Michael Hoffmann,Prof. Michael Hoffmann (mph3@cornell.edu) - Cornell Institute for Climate Change and Agriculture (CICCA)
Karel Hilversum (khilversum@cornell.edu) - Team & Leadership Center
Amy Kohut (aek44@cornell.edu) - Team & Leadership Center

Teaching Assistant

Proposed Learning outcomes:

  • Become a climate change literate tenant of planet Earth.
  • Identify specific practices that can be used to motivate themselves and others to develop new behaviors and practices.
  • Identify critical elements of leadership; identify their individual leadership strengths and weaknesses; practice new leadership skills.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Community-Based Social Marketing and use it change their own and others' behaviors to increase campus sustainability.
  • Identify and use skills to work effectively in teams.
  • Describe how social-economic class, ethnicity, gender, and race affect perspectives toward sustainability.
  • Find credible information on issues related to climate change, energy and waste and its connection to sustainability.
  • Demonstrate project management, peer-education, and assessment skills by implementing projects on North Campus, in the community and elsewhere.

To learn more contact: ecorep@cornell.edu.


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