Sustainability Leadership Development

Cutting-edge trainings for students, staff, and faculty...

The Campus Sustainability Office in partnership with the Cornell Team and Leadership Center (an affiliate of Cornell Outdoor Education) are offering experiential sustainability education programs for interested students and staff. Utilizing the solar-powered Hoffmann Challenge Course atop Mount Pleasant, Cornell now offers outdoor and office based education programs which foster ecological literacy, leadership and community development. In addition these departments are collaborating with Human Resources to offer sustainability trainings in the Cornell Management Academy and with Cornell United Religious Works and Hillel to offer faith-based sustainability initiatives that focus on interfaith dialogue related to environmental protection and positive social change.

These training modules are centered on personal and workplace sustainability, leadership, faith and wellness.

Finding Your Passion
This session offers a combination of interactive activities and personal reflection to help participants identify and harness their core beliefs and deepest motivations in their sustainability efforts.

Leadership for Sustainability Self-Assessment
Critical self-reflection and self-assessment of skills is a way for leaders to make choices about forming effective teams, attending future trainings, and career pathways. This session exposes participants to several frameworks for leadership self-evaluation. Through presentations, reflection, and discussion the session culminates in making a personal commitment to self-improvement in specific professional areas.

Sustainability 101
This session provides an overview of personal sustainability, past and present trends, a variety of sustainability models, and an introduction to sustainability across various global sectors.

Wellness for Leaders
In today’s world balance and personal health are seen as important leadership skills. This session identifies the wellness challenges associated with leadership roles and introduces several useful concepts and techniques to help leaders focus on balance and health as a solid foundation for their sustainability efforts.

Personal Sustainability Plan (PSP)
Personal Sustainability Plans are a proven way to help individuals identify the right mix of goals and strategies to advance their personal well being along with their professional aspirations. This session introduces participants to the Personal Sustainability Plan model and guides them through a series of reflective and conversational activities that culminate in the completion of a 6 month Personal Sustainability Plan.

High School Green Career Program
CTLC and The Department of Energy and Sustainability have collaborate on an annual sustainability program for a 4-H group of teens interested in pursuing Green Jobs. During their two-day program, teens were able to experience a wide variety of events and challenges, all centered around the idea of green jobs. Participating teens went on a variety of tours, including the Cornell Combined Heat and Power Plant, the Cornell water filtration plant, Dilmun Hill, the student-run organic farm, and two LEED certified green buildings. In addition, the participants canoed around Beebe Lake and spent a day at the Hoffman Challenge Course learning about teamwork and the interconnectedness of humans and the environment. Programs like the 4-H Sustainability Program are unique opportunities for individuals to learn leadership and sustainability skills in a fun and safe environment.