Sustainable Farms and Forests

Cornell’s world-renowned research farms and forests offer a bridge between academic discovery and commercial application...


 Dedicated farm staff offer service, support, and community outreach in agricultural practices for conventional and organic growers. Cornell’s research farms focus on cutting-edge sustainable land-use and agricultural practices that maximize resources, minimize waste, and increase production. Through our farms we are dedicated to being part of the solution to pressing local and global issues, linking research, operations, and extension.

Campus Area Farms presently manages 325 acres spread across 11 small farms located both in and around Cornell Campus. Current research projects include the CALS Bioenergy Feedstock Project, Small Grains Breeding and Genetics Research, as well as research on popular food crops such as corn, small grains, potatoes and pumpkins.

Arnot Forest (Shira Golding)
Arnot Forest (Shira Golding)

Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) is currently investigating optimum management strategies for Cornell forests to maximize forest carbon sequestration, wood production, and biodiversity in the face of climate change and insect invasion