Sustainable Landscape Research and Demonstration

Green space serves as natural storm buffer and provides ecosystem services, improved water quality, soil remediation, energy conservation and increased plant diversity...

The green roof on Flora Rose House (University Photography)
The green roof on Flora Rose House (University Photography)
There are numerous green roofs, rain gardens and bioswales on campus

Green infrastructure is a sustainable adaptation solution and Cornell is in a great position to expand on the existing projects across campus to create a tour of sustainable landscape practices.

Other projects focus on long term soil remediation after construction to act as a model for improving the chemical, biological and physical properties of soils thus allowing for improved plant growth.

Campus examples

  • 13 years of soil remediation practice (i.e. impact of adding compost over time)
  • Structural soil and turf on Tower Road (Frank Rossi)
  • Numerous structural soil installations
  • No mow zones
  • Stormwater infiltration habitat spaces
  • Green roof on Fernow
On Campus