The Cornell Nature Society

The organization aims to establish a society of nature enthusiasts comprised of a diversity of majors and interests throughout Cornell...

The Cornell Nature Society seeks to conserve and enrich the natural environment through community-based projects. These projects range from working with animals, construction and building of natural enclosures, education, community service, fundraising for organizations that share our mission, and other activities that encourage members to explore the environment around Cornell such as outdoor hikes. We welcome a diversity of majors and interests throughout Cornell University which we believe creates more opportunities for students to engage positively with nature, the Ithaca community, and each other. We promote environmental awareness, strive to take action on issues that concern our global society, and continuously share the importance of sustaining our environment for future generations through our projects.

During our first year as a club (2014-2015) we collected data on culverts in the Fall Creek area in collaboration with Cornell Cooperative Extension's (CCE) efforts to research climate adaptation and flood resistance in and around Ithaca. We also built and donated a "green" doghouse made from recycled materials for an auction benefiting the Tompkins SPCA and participated in CCE's Compost Fair both in the spring of 2015 and 2016. Our club is committed to seeking new projects that pertain to sustainability and expanding our collaboration with organizations that strive to make the Ithaca community a greener place for the long term.

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