Trayless Dining

There's less food waste, less energy consumed and less water used...

Cornell dining has introduced trayless dining at facilities located in Cook House, Becker House, Jansen’s Dining room in Hans Bethe House, Keeton House, Rose House, and Risley Dining. In addition trays are no longer provided at Okenshield’s during dinner hours.

Introducing trayless dining is part of Cornell Dining’s overall effort to reduce food waste, electrical use and has allowed them to save thousands of gallons of water each month.

In addition to removing trays from many campus dining facilities, Cornell Dining has begun to replace current dishware (made with melamine) with more sustainable alternatives. 313 doz. dishes were recently purchased for Risley Dining made of 30% bamboo. The purchase of 10 doz. additional bamboo dishes has also been made for Okenshield’s dining facilities.

Moving forward, Cornell Dining plans to replace and replenish all needed dishware with BambooMel, a more sustainable, reusable, and bio-based product.

Click here to visit Cornell Dining's Sustainability webpage