Waste Focus Team

Cornell is committed to reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting...

The Waste Focus Team is one of the 10 President's Sustainable Campus Committee Focus Teams.

Through effective campus engagement, partnerships with the municipal solid waste department, and green purchasing decisions Cornell can help mitigate the need to extract virgin materials, such as trees and metals.

  • Develop the scope, metrics, and network needed for a comprehensive, campus-wide full life-cycle materials management strategy.
  • Develop a university wide waste reduction policy.
  • Educate campus community through engagement opportunities with student clubs, green initiatives, green teams, individual efforts, and specialized programs.
  • Become a benchmark institution for Universal Waste programs.
  • Grow and develop money saving programs for improved management of university materials.
  • Be a catalyst and a resource for landfill reduction generated at large scale university events.

Waste Team
Jean Bonhotal, Associate Professor, Crop and Soil Sciences, jb29@cornell.edu
Spring Buck, Associate Director of Facilities Management Operations, scb23@cornell.edu

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