Water Bottle Filling Station

Sustainable water bottle or cup filling station for events...

Cornell University bottle filling station (Clinton Vanwormer)

Water bottle filling stations are now available for events on the Cornell campus.  Instead of purchasing bottled water, why not use the sustainable option of a clean water refilling station for your outdoor event?  During Slope Day 2016, students consumed 33,120 plastic bottles, totaling $20,000.  Imagine how much waste could be reduced if all Cornell events switched to using the refilling stations!  Save money and reduce waste for your event!

How to Reserve

Current Cornell community members and other regional parties interested in using the filling stations can contact Darrell Reynolds (dar3@cornell.edu) or Julie Parsons (jh252@cornell.edu).  Please include the dates of your event, and times it will be needed.  A small fee may be charged for delivery and staffing.  

About the Filling Station

Past events that have reduced waste by using water bottle filling stations:
Slope Day
GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance
Cornell Commencement 
Reggae Festival

Alternatively, events can also borrow water coolers from Take Back the Tap.  Find out more at Take Back the Tap.