Water Focus Team

Cornell conserves water and strives to protect water quality in the regional watershed...

The Water Focus Team is one of the 10 President's Sustainable Campus Committee Focus Teams

Strategies include land management, green building practices, and conservation education. Conservation and effective stormwater management are important in maintaining and protecting finite groundwater supplies. Water conservation and effective stormwater management also reduce the need for effluent discharge into local surface water supplies, which helps improve the health of local water ecosystems.


  • Research end-use breakdowns of water use and energy use associated with campus water use.
  • Increase awareness and encourage water conservation and the Take Back the Tap campaign.
  • Collect and compile existing data of Fall Creek watershed surveys.
  • Benchmark water conservation plans in preparation for 2014 re-write of Cornell’s Water Conservation Plan.
  • Update Cornell Design Standards to incorporate filling stations, as appropriate.
  • Increase web communications of storm water management initiatives.
  • Monitor post-construction storm water practices for water quality.
  • Coordinate with the Land Team to develop a campus wide storm water management plan.

Water Team
Chris Bordlemay, Water Treatment Plant Manager, Facilities Services, clb83@cornell.edu
Todd Walter, Associate Professor, Biological and Environmental Engineering, mtw5@cornell.edu