The Fuller Wetlands serve as a living research laboratory...

The wetlands were designed by Boston-based landscape firm of Childs Associates in consultation with staff, students and faculty from Cornell and Syracuse University's College of Environmental Science and Forestry

The Fuller Wetlands serve as a living research laboratory into the creation and preservation of wetland habitats. Cornell created over three acres of wetland habitat to mitigate the environmental impacts caused by the construction of the new Cornell Lab Of Ornithology. While regulators would have preferred replacement-in-kind (which would have meant constructing wooded wetlands) personnel at the lab wanted to attract more diversity of wildlife by establishing new types of habitat.

Thousands of plants and hundreds of trees indigenous to the region were planted and measures taken to protect them from to deer herbivory. Further efforts were undertaken to ensure wetland amphibians would be protected from local traffic.

Moving forward, lab personnel will continue to monitor the wetlands to ensure the safety and flourishing of all wetland flora and fauna. This could require removal of invasive exotics, adjustment of water levels, or other measures that might be required by the NYS DEC or the US Army Corps of Engineers.

These wetlands should enhance anyone's visit to the new lab and will provide a valuable local example of created wetlands to watch as they mature and to use as a benchmark for similar projects in the region.

For more information, check out The Cornell Lab of Ornithology website.