About the Sustainable Campus Website

Our vision is to create an online destination where target audiences will be engaged, informed, and motivated to become part of the sustainability effort at Cornell...

A portion of the wireframes Singlebrook created to help us turn our vision into reality.

A portion of the wireframes Singlebrook created to help us turn our vision into reality.

Redesigned in 2012, audiences will quickly obtain the information they need to appropriately engage in related efforts to help realize a sustainable campus and to encourage lifelong sustainable behavior. This online destination will showcase how campus sustainability is being incorporated into Cornell’s institutional mission and demonstrate Cornell’s leadership role in the field of campus sustainability using the “living laboratory” strategy.

Meet the team!

  • The core project team… Dan Roth, Sarah Zemanick, and Lisa Hogarty from the Campus Sustainability Office, and Al Gonzalez from University Communications
  • The web designers and programmers…Tyler Finck, Reade Harris, Casey Keller, Aaron Froehlich, and Brian Harrington from Singlebrook Technology, an Ithaca-based, certified B Corporation, “who are passionate about building great web sites and mobile apps and about making a difference in the world.”
  • The user experience and social media consultants… Greg Kops, Scott Hamilton, and Danielle Klock from Think Topography, an Ithaca-based company, “we listen to our clients, learn their business, and then work with them to design a fantastic user experience around their information.”
  • The copywriter… Jesse Mayhew from Brave One, “a digital marketing agency that works with sustainable and socially responsible companies. Our Earthbound Marketing Campaigns combine the power of compelling, authentic, value-based content with the power of social media…”

We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions! Email us at sustainability@cornell.edu.