Campus Sustainability Plan

Our vision and leadership commitments to sustainability...

The Campus Sustainability Plan is currently being updated to create a roadmap for sustainability at the Ithaca campus for the next five years. The plan will help guide our efforts from 2019-2026, and beyond.

Each of us has a role to play in re-imagining the way we learn, work, and lead our lives, integrating sustainability into the culture of the university. The Campus Sustainability Plan is a guiding document to support our goals and commitment to creating a sustainability living laboratory, and modeling innovation for a low-carbon, sustainable, and just future. 

Current Plan (2013-2018)

The 2013 sustainability plan for the Ithaca campus outlines strategies; governance and current efforts, including goals and targets for Focus Teams; grassroots initiatives; and opportunities ahead. From large-scale energy savings projects to small recycling endeavors, Cornell is a living laboratory where doers meet thinkers and learners.