The President’s Sustainable Campus Committee Water Focus Team supports collaboration between academic communities, faculty, staff, students and the community.

Water conservation, effective storm water management, and protection of the regional watershed are all integral in maintaining finite water supplies, improving the health of ecosystems, and, more broadly, creating and maintaining a sustainable future for our campus and the region.

Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences takes an active roll in setting guidelines for water, pesticide and nutrient management on campus and assures both students and faculty are actively involved in water conservation efforts. All storm water discharge is managed for construction projects, and remediation of former waste disposal sites is actively underway. As we move towards furthering our sustainability efforts we have focused on reporting our on-campus water use with the STARS system, as well as initiatives such as our Take Back the Tap Taskforce, which works to reduce the usage of bottled water on campus and encourages use of our Water Filtration Plant’s high quality water as a more sustainable option to reduce material waste.